Private Cloud

Microsoft® powered
VMware® powered
OpenStack Powered

Selected Features

Business Scenarios

Test & Dev

Private clouds enable enterprises to rapidly provision infrastructure and application resources through different development, testing and production environments. This easy and fast provisioning improves the effectiveness of many technical and business processes.


Using the Self-service web portal of the Private cloud, employees are able to provision and manage the infrastructure they need in minutes. They also have complete control over the lifecycle of the resources they have provisioned.

Automation & Orchestration

Private clouds provide the foundation for orchestration of workflows. Through scripting and integration with 3rd party business applications enterprises can achieve great level of automation of some business processes.

Disaster recovery

Private cloud solutions can be used for backing up the disaster recovery strategy of enterprises, providing different types of protection. Depending on the recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO), companies can implement different DR solution – mirroring, live migration or replication.

Governance or regulatory requirements

There are situations when specific governance or regulatory requirements limit the use of external to the company IT resources. Private cloud provides solution for that, delivering all benefits of cloud computing together with complete ownership and security.

Technology platforms

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