Enterprise Intranet & Extranet

End-to-End Solution
Customized to fit
Enterprise Security
Integrate Business Systems

Selected Features

Business Scenarios

Collaboration Portals
  • Connect employees, customers and partners
  • Improve cooperation between teams, divisions, customers, partners and vendors
  • Provide communication channels such as messaging, forums, boards
  • Integrate with external communication tools
  • Secure Internet publishing (Extranet) for customers and partners with restricted access to specific areas
Employee Intranets
  • Promote company policies and culture
  • eLearning functionalities and employee onboarding
  • Employee workspaces
  • Team workspaces
  • Work planning and management support
  • Surveys, discussions and feedback collection
Knowledge Management
  • Powerful indexing and search
  • Collaboration during document editing
  • Best practices reuse
  • Create Taxonomies for information classification, filtering and browsing
Document Management
  • Document classification
  • Scanning and archiving
  • Documents metadata

Technology platforms

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