Big Data and Analytics

End-to-End Solution
Enterprise Security
Customized to fit
Integrate Business Systems

Selected Features

Business Scenarios

  • Provide complete view of a system, process, product or campaign
  • Combine structured and unstructured data from multiple sources
  • Map information from multiple sources to provide context of an event
  • Analyze machine data to optimize user experience
  • Analyze patterns and raise alerts
  • Build statistics
  • Faster and better decision making based on complex data analysis
Predictive maintenance systems
  • Monitor exploitation parameters of systems
  • Apply predictive analytics for maintenance schedules
  • Raise alarms for upcoming maintenance
  • Integrate multiple system (monitored systems, ERP, etc.)
  • Plan maintenance activities for avoiding disasters and reducing downtime  
  • Automate maintenance preparation
System monitoring & optimization systems
  • Apply analysis in motion for monitoring system  state
  • Generate system state alerts in real time  schedules
  • Generate improvement suggestions
  • Generate crisis remediation suggestions
  • Automate system protection mechanisms
  • Automate system reconfiguration and  optimization mechanisms

Technology platforms

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