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Staffico is a Web 3.0 based solution armed with lightweight and sophisticated collaboration tools, social networking and media sharing. It delivers an answer to all the challenges in the HR industry of tomorrow. Its aim is to support and ease the hard work of HR managers and recruiters. Staffico is suitable for both recruiting agencies and in-house HR departments' specific processes.

The HR solution Staffico.com is a web based application, which we developed in order to support the Recruitment-companies in the global talent acquisition. The purpose of the system is to facilitate the data- and document processing of Recruitment Agencies and Internal Recruitment Departments. The HR-Tool is providing a record management of job candidates and vacancies.

Some of its highlights are

  1. All in one Multiply the power and productivity of your recruitment value chain by utilizing the rich set of functionalities in Staffico
  2. 4D Collaboration Get a clear answer to the challenges of the Digital age in HR thanks to real-time collaboration between clients, candidates and colleagues
  3. Foresee Staffico Foresee gives you power access to predictive analytics with easy to navigate, share and export graphs, combined with intrinsic data analysis