Sales and Customer Services

Technology driven sales and customer services for demand generation and revenue growth


As a highly experienced BPO provider, we have built our Offering to answer the challenges of the international and local markets. We are not only closely analyzing the markets needs and trends, but also using innovative tailor-made solutions to support our Clients and help them be successful in the dynamic business environment.

The support of organizations with professional BPO services generates new business opportunities for them and leads to excellent target market results and steady business growth. The main pillars are focused on driving Demand Generation, Revenue Growth, Customer Support, Back Office and Data Services. These pillars boost business development and answer specific market requirements. The services’ architecture is designed individually to the exact business needs. It is tailored to the challenges of the target markets (international and/or local), with the responsibility to achieve absolute focused performance.

Why is the Offering unique?

With our 20 years of expertise in the BPO industry and numerous successful projects, we offer extensive know-how and services, based on best practices. Native speakers deliver our services in 29 languages thus giving our clients a unique advantage to execute successful projects on a global scale. We focus on delivering added value to our clients and helping them embrace new business opportunities by offering a deep understanding of their target market and specific business needs and goals.


  • 20+ years of experience
  • 29 languages covered (by native speakers)
  • 400+ specialists in 9 locations worldwide
  • Innovative methodology approach - combining quality/ reliability/ trust and delivering measurable results
  • Personalized services tailored to the clients’ business requirements in an individual and cost-sensitive full-service offering
  • Guaranteed efficiency by providing strategic workbench services and innovative business process support



  • Demand Generation

    Build revenue-relevant sales pipeline

    The modern approach to building a valid and predictable revenue-relevant sales pipeline. Our individual approach for each customer and the process integration and management are contributing for reduced time to market, generated valid sales potential in accordance with 20% B.A.N.T. criteria. In this offering component, we provide key services as Profiling, Lead Generation, Digital Demand Generation and Target Audience Research.

    Main Benefits:

    • Create awareness
    • Acquisition and classification
    • Shortening the sales cycle
    • Generate valid sales potential
  • Revenue Growth

    Sales-accepted Pipeline Values

    From start to finish - development of sales pipeline and convert it into revenue figures. It includes mapping the entire sales value chain: from the opportunities that have been created by our team, through the development of sales-accepted pipeline values, up to the generation of revenue. Inside Account Management, Cloud Sales, Channel Management, and Sales Academy are the main services that are part of this offering component.

    Main Benefits:

    • Creation and development of sales pipelines
    • Plannable sales volume
    • Optimization or supporting the sales organization
  • Customer Support

    Retention, Profitability, Satisfaction

    Single Point of Contact for technical requests - Increasing operational capabilities while simplifying process flows; higher ROI and better customer satisfaction. The major area of experience: Increase straight-through processing (STP) to deliver services faster, Service Desk Establishment - service operations, smart service foundation, service request management, SLAs and KPIs, service supply chain, service intelligence/analytics. Improved Customer Service, productivity, quality and reliability with less resource consumption.

    Main Benefits:

    • Customer retention
    • Increases profitability
    • Confidence and satisfaction
  • Back Office Services

    Improve the quality, efficiency, and cost structure

    Customized back office services using latest technologies with best-of-breed software to improve the quality, efficiency and cost structure of the financial operations, effectively manage all daily financial needs. Provide enhanced insights into financial procedures and greater scalability at a lower cost. Account Payable Services, Account Receivable Services, Debt Collection, Payroll Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services are the main components of the Back Office Services.

    Main Benefits:

    • Increase efficiency and speed to market
    • Focus on strategic goals
    • Visibility, poised for growth
  • Data Services

    The importance of having reliable data

    It is vital for any organization. It empowers the organization by establishing controls, developing a healthy database, segment the prospects and set a clear and homogeneous process. The wide range of data management services is tailored to the business and industry need. These services are Data Validation, Content Management, and Data Analytics services.

    Main Benefits:

    • Minimizes the potential for errors
    • Successful Data management process
    • Efficient use of data resources and ROI optimization