Cloud and Support Services

End-to-end cloud, infrastructure, productivity and support solutions allowing our partners to focus on their core competences


The Cloud & Support Services offering provides end-to-end infrastructure and productivity solutions covering the entire cycle from planning and strategy, through deployment and migration to ongoing operations, maintenance and support.

Our clients can rely on our extensive expertise and professional guidance throughout the whole transformation journey to maximize the value of their investment and increase their business productivity.



  • Secure, reliable and flexible solutions
  • Cost efficiency through innovation
  • Increased business productivity and teamwork
  • Customer satisfaction



  • Infrastructure Services

    Your IT Infrastructure plays a key role in your business. It doesn‘t only host the applications that drive your ideas forward, but it also stores your ever-growing data in a safe and secure manner. Last but not least, it ensures fast and reliable communication between systems, people, you and your customers.

    The BULPROS Infrastructure Services Solutions aim to provide you with an efficient, scalable, flexible and reliable fully managed platform that hosts your applications enabling you to release and allocate resources and focus on your core business competencies.



    Each journey starts with preparation and that is why we developed the Assessment Services solution, whose main purpose is to give a clear picture of the current state of your infrastructure. The solution consists of various different components including Configuration Item discovery; Application assessment; Network topology; Data assessment; Vendor information and statistics; Business needs; Processes and many more.

    Chose the BULPROS Assessment Services if you plan to transform your organization and you will get a clear picture where you stand, you will be able to develop a clear vision for your business and set measurable goals.



    The IT infrastructure lays the basis on which companies develop their business solutions. It is often referred to as a commodity since every organization has an IT infrastructure. However, not every organization realizes that the properly functioning infrastructure is of key importance to meeting the availability requirements of business solutions and ensuring a smooth user experience. The BULPROS Infrastructure & Data Architecture solutions provide you with a structured and modern approach for modeling HW, SW and your data in a way that they do not only support your business needs in an efficient way, but they also facilitate innovation within your enterprise.



    BULPROS provides professional guidance that will help you improve operational efficiency, reduce risk, and increase your competitive advantage. With Infrastructure Upgrade & Migration Services, we provide Infrastructure readiness assessments; Infrastructure upgrade; Datacenter consolidation services, Datacenter migration services.



    SLA and KPI based Managed Service Delivery solutions tailored to your business needs. Lower your risk and increase your team’s productivity by leveraging the BULPROS Infrastructure 24x7 Operations conducted by experienced engineers and based upon best industry practice.

    You get Proactive Monitoring & Reporting, Failure Detection and Assessment, Incident Lifecycle Management, DR/Backup Services, Forecast & Optimization Services

    For your: Network, Storage and Security Solutions, Virtualization Solutions, Windows & Linux Servers, Active Directory and Identity Services, Microsoft System Center, Azure Pack & Azure Stack, Databases, Web and Application servers.

  • Cloud Services

    Get the most out of Cloud computing through the end-to-end BULPROS advisory, architecture, migration and operations solutions. Cloud computing and service architecture tailored to your needs ensure consumption efficiency, business continuity and fit-for-purpose platforms for your business applications.



    Enterprise Cloud strategy is a strategic advisory workshop, tailored for your organization to support you on your cloud journey through organized, well-planned steps with an aim to get the maximum of what the cloud can offer.

    Our Enterprise Cloud strategy workshop helps you to understand the cloud and its features. It covers three different aspects, which are important from a business and technical perspective and will acquaint you with these aspects. They are Discovery, Organizational planning, and Technical & Security Readiness.

    As a result of this workshop, you receive a high level of Cloud Architecture tailored to your business strategy.



    BULPROS provides professional guidance that will help you improve operational efficiency, reduce risk, and increase your competitive advantage. With Cloud Implementation and Migration Services we provide Infrastructure and Application Readiness Assessments; Detailed Migration Roadmap and Plan; Cloud Design & Implementation; Migration from on-premises resources to Public or Private Cloud (onboarding); Migration from Public Cloud providers to on-premises and Hybrid scenarios (offboarding).



    Your Cloud. At your Premise. Cloud-in-a-Box is BULPROS’s implementation of a private cloud. It is a turnkey product for private cloud deployments with predefined sizes that are optimized for performance, TCO and rapid deployment. Cloud-in-a-Box offers a mix of pre-tested processing hardware, software and storage engineered together and fully managed by BULPROS. Instead of building the infrastructure from scratch, the customer needs only to focus on integrating the new solution with legacy systems.



    The Cloud 24x7 Operations services by BULPROS, enable you to leverage the usage of the latest Cloud technologies inside your organization without making the upfront investment for building and administering a team and maintaining its knowledge. Our top qualified experts will help you to utilize the Cloud more efficiently by handling the administration effort of the services as well as by consulting you on the best solution available for you and your business case.


    • DevOps AS A SERVICE

    BULPROS unites your Cloud development and operations into a single deployment entity that manages your infrastructure. We provide an automated end-to-end delivery process and ensure the scalability and security in an efficient manner. The DevOps as a Service offers Software development & testing; Deployment automation; CI and Release management; Infrastructure & performance monitoring.

    Integration of Development and Operations brings a new perspective to the Software Development Industry. Our DevOps teams challenge industry's highest standards and are constantly looking to improve our customers' current processes by using a large stack of SCMs, automated build tools and containers such as Gradle, Git, Jenkins, Bamboo, Kubernetes, Dockers, Terraform and many more.

  • Productivity

    The modern workplace is changing. The office is no longer confined to one space. Employees need productivity tools that allow them to work from virtually anywhere. By working in a network, your teams can meet the growing needs of your business across different departments, locations, and time zones.

    The BULPROS Productivity Solutions aim to empower your organization to achieve more and increase its productivity. Ranging from a standalone solution to a multi-server, multi-tenant cross-platform service, we have the experience and knowledge to design, integrate develop and operate Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions tailored to your needs in an efficient and secure manner. Experienced messaging and communication architects and engineers will enable your business users to communicate, collaborate and create.



    From envisioning through planning and design to migration, user adoption and operations BULPROS is there to help you. The O365 Services are focused on Mail and Messaging; Chat and Conferencing; File sharing; Social media. Whether on-premises, hybrid or cloud solution, our experienced consultants will tailor it based on your business specifics and will train your users on how to use it efficiently. A 24x7 operations team will always be available in case something goes wrong. Last but not least we will ensure you are always informed about the adoption, consumption, and usage of the services.



    Keeping your personal information secure is our highest priority. The Enterprise Mobility & Security Solutions by BULPROS as add-ons to the O365 Services aim to design and operate your Identity management; Threat analytics and protection; Mobile device management. Our security experts will guide you through the process of protecting your data and achieving compliance.



    In today's cloud-oriented world, IT professionals often face problems that require extending different processes outside the trusted domain and beyond the corporate network. These processes have to be carried across the internet and into the "untrusted" data centers of cloud providers and include provisioning, authentication, authorization, reporting (un)authorized access. Understanding how different cloud and on-premises identity solutions work is crucial to making the right decision for your organization's cloud application portfolio.



    The BULPROS Teamwork Solutions provide the design, integration, and operation of various asynchronous and real-time communication tools, with the goal of enhancing business communication, collaboration, and productivity: Microsoft Teams; Webex Teams; SharePoint; OneDrive.



    The BULPROS Enterprise Voice Service refers to internet telephony solutions that are specially created to meet the needs of large organizations. The Enterprise Voice Service is designed to provide the full range of public switched telephone network (PSTN) services, as well as additional services such as Customized answering, call holding and call waiting features; Automated call handling; Conference calling; In-program chat, data transfer, screen sharing, and other multi-user functions.

  • Support Services

    Professional & Effective technical & Customer support services developed through years of experience. We learn from our customers and partners and constantly evolve with them by providing innovative solutions and taking their support capabilities one step beyond traditions.



    24x7 support, covering 28 languages in 4 communication channels: Phone, Live Chat, Ticketing Tool & Email. Thanks to our Technical Support Services our customers will work more efficiently since every technical issue will be fixed faster and better. The 24x7 Technical Support provides a systematic and unified approach with enabled historical and real-time reporting on SLAs/SLOs/KPIs and one hotspot for all IT requests with an additional benefit – creating tickets with a single call.


    • 24x7 CUSTOMER CARE

    Our customer care specialists aim at increasing the operational capabilities while simplifying the process flows. To deliver accelerated business results you need a team that is built on a foundation of trust, transparency, empowerment, and accountability. Our major areas of expertise are service operations, smart service development, service request management, service agreements, professional services, service experience, service supply chain, service intelligence/analytics.



    Structured approach and core set of deliverables, customized for each client situation, by leveraging proprietary acceleration tools and analytical frameworks. The correct design and configuration of an end-to-end business process solution and the optimal process implementation are crucial for an efficient, safe and well-organized company. This is why we offer our customers best-in-class Automation and Process Optimization Services. Automation increases the visibility of what is happening in the production environment, thereby freeing up more time to focus on critical business matters.



    Outsourcing time-consuming financial tasks to minimize ongoing operations costs. BULPROS provides financial back-office services for companies looking to improve the quality, efficiency and cost structure of their financial operations. We can effectively manage all your daily financial tasks and provide technological solutions tailored to your specific business needs and based on expertise and best practices.



    Our Data Services are designed to support you in managing information and making the best use of it. BULPROS has a successful track record in Data Management, Data Quality, Data Processing, and Content Management. At the core of our Data Services are our highly qualified and experienced teams who have completed numerous successful projects over the years. We first understand our client’s business goals and objectives and then focus on providing innovative solutions that generate value for both the client and its end-customers. We achieve this through flexibility and continuous improvement.