Outsourcing entails the contracting out of business processes to external parties, either onshore, nearshore or offshore. The revenue of the global outsourcing industry was 104.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2014 (28.5 U.S. dollars for the BPO sector and 76.1 5 U.S. dollars for the ITO sector).

However the outsourcing industry is constantly changing as customers are looking to expand their flexibility to react to potential changes in the regulatory and technology environment. The outsourcing market is projected to grow by several key dimensions including functions, services and locations.

delivery locaitons: Bulgaria, Poland, Romania
offering more than 30 different languages
more than 300 ITO, BPO and LPO experts
more than 3000 potential experts in existing recruitment data base

Technological advancements and innovations including cloud computing, big data,  mobility business process as a service (BPAS) are changing the industry as end users and customers are demanding high quality content and service in real time.

Why Bulpros

  1. Capability to deliver excellent offshore and nearshore services out of CEE (Bulgaria, Romania and Poland), combined with presence in USA and Germany.
  2. Successful delivery in Central Eastern Europe with experience in taking responsibility for the development and maintenance of business critical solutions in Western Europe and the USA
  3. One of the few companies of more than 150 outsourcing projects in various industries.
  4. Proven and certified BULPROS Business Process Framework (BBPF) for our entire portfolio.
  5. Ability to achieve excellent excellent price to quality ratio in project delivery through project management, process excellence and quality assurance expertise
  6. Highly skilled and motivated people embracing international business cultures and technical background
  7. Established customer and partner relations with Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Unisys, VMware, Siemens, T-Systems, Johnson Controls
  8. Deep expertise in cloud services, social collaboration, BI, enterprise mobility, product development and project services in software development, infrastructure services and customer support

Delivery Locations

Outsourcing locations decisions today are driven by not just labor-cost arbitrage opportunities
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria is a reputable and highly attractive destination to ITO, BPO and LPO services. According to A.T. Kearney's 2014 report it is the most preferred place four outsourcing in Europe and is the only European country that entered the top 10 destinations for outsourcing in the world. Bulgaria ranked ninth on the Global Services Location Index of inter¬national consultancy's index that covers 51 countries worldwide. Bulpros has two delivery office locations in Bulgaria, one in the capital Sofia and another one in the second biggest city in the country - Plovdiv.
  • Romania Romania has the largest pool of human capital in Southeastern Europe (SEE), with a total labor force of more than 9 million people. In the latest years, the Romanian IT sector employed more than 80,000 professionals. The majority of them (more than 80%) are technical specialists, such as software engineers, analysts, developers, and project managers. Management and business professionals represent less than 20% of the total. Bulpros office is located in Bucharest, the capital city with a population close to 1.7 million. The city was ranked 44th in Tholons Top Out¬sourcing Destinations 2013 and is giving 67% of the country’s turnover, 56% of the number of employees and over 60% of the GDP.
  • Poland Within the years Poland proved to be the most popular destination for BPO and ITO businesses. Every year there are around 485 500 graduates in Poland, among whom 79 000 are technical and 77 170 are economic graduates, divided among the larger cities in Poland. Graduates show well developed foreign language skills. The most common foreign language is English, followed by German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. All leading global providers of outsourcing services have their offices in Poland, offering professional consultants supporting BPO, SSC, ITO, R&D and other operations activities. Bulpros office is located in the downtown of Warsaw, the capital of country. Warsaw is the most developed city for the outsourcing industry where our customers benefits from the largest talent pool, multilingual human resources and available modern office space.

Delivery models

  • Supplier assumes control of all or part of delivery
  • Pricing tied to service levels and volumes
  • Supplier managed delivery model
  • Supplier processes & Tools Joint (RACI) based responsibility for delivery
  • Customer operating model
  • Customer processes & Tools
  • Customer managed delivery model
  • Fully managed by the client
  • Rapid access to missing skills and resources
  • Avoidance of hiring/de-hiring costs