Internet of Things

The number of devices that get connected to the internet increases every day and this is not only smartphones, tablets or computers. With the dropping prices of electronic components more and more much simpler devices get connected. Predictions state that each person will have 5 devices connected to internet on average. This increasing number of devices poses its challenges but at the same time provides opportunities for new use cases and new value adding solutions and services.

The cheaper devices and sensors provide quite convenient ways for building solutions that in the past were unthinkable in verticals like manufacturing, smart cities, mining, retail, consumer, etc. Trends like Industry 4.0, Smart City, Connected Healthcare, Connected Home, etc. require new solutions connecting multiple sensors, devices and applications automating specific processes and providing new values and business outcomes. 

per person connected to internet on average
mobile devices by 2020
4xmore things
than people connected to internet
IoT connections

Combined with areas like Big Data and Analytics and Cloud opens multiple opportunities for the business to optimize and improve operations and deliver new services to its customers.


  1. Improved experiences based on interconnected devices, sensors and applications allowing remote monitoring and controlling of devices and sensors
  2. Generating and using sensor data for real time status of complex systems
  3. Enabling cost efficient solutions for automating monitoring of manufacturing processes
  4. Enabling new healthcare experiences like remote patient monitoring
  5. Enabling remote access to physical security systems
  6. Enabling solutions like Smart Lighting, Connected Parking assistance, etc.
  7. Enabling home automation and monitoring
  8. Enabling new experiences for end users based on personal devices, proximity and indoor location


Bulpros supports its customers throughout the entire process of transforming their business using IoT:
  • Analyzing the problem and designing business processes and solution
  • Designing and implementing IoT-ready scalable network infrastructure
  • Designing and implementing custom solutions based on industry leading components
  • Supporting deployed infrastructure and solutions

The Internet of Things

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Internet of Things