Enterprise Collaboration

Employee productivity is key metric which distinguishes organizations among their competitors and makes them successful. In today's global economy collaboration boosts the productivity by enabling distributed employees to work with coworkers, partners and customers across time zones and differing technical environments. Software collaboration tools currently support many processes in the organizations, such as coordination, production and decision making. Common functionalities provided by the collaboration tools are:

  • Online meeting rooms and whiteboards
  • IP-based audio and video communication
  • Instant messaging and presence
  • Electronic workspaces
  • Joined authorship and content sharing
higher productivity among employees
travel and/or meeting time
67%of employees
feel collaboration tools are key to do their best work
North America collaboration market in 2015

Software collaboration tools can be integrated with productivity tools and LoB applications to increase productivity even more. Collaboration tools and integration approaches greatly vary and organizations need advisor with experience and knowledge to match their business specifics to the right tools.

Bulpros provides a full range of consulting, integration and development services that supports the organization during the process of selection and adoption of collaboration solutions.


  1. Enable globally distributed teams to work together regardless of their location and/or time zone
  2. Empower teams to communicate ideas, create, share, capture and discuss content both online and offline
  3. Bring balance to decision making through effective collaboration
  4. Flatten organizational hierarchy and better communicate across all levels of the organization
  5. Save time simplify workflows, and increase workforce interaction and productivity
  6. Significantly reduce travel, real-estate costs, and greenhouse gas emissions by supporting virtual meetings and telecommuting.


Bulpros capabilities in the field of collaboration include the whole range of activities that lead to productive employees and more valuable business:
  • Analyzing current business processes, requirements and vision
  • Providing consultancy about the selection of the most suitable products and technology
  • Architecting the right solution on both business and technical level
  • Designing custom collaboration solutions based on industry-proven platforms
  • Integrating collaboration tools with LoB applications and productivity tools
  • Developing, deploying and configuring the environment according to industry’s best practices
  • Educating users on efficient collaboration solution usage
  • Supporting the deployed platform, solutions and infrastructure

One of our favourite projects

Event Platform “Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung”

Enterprise Collaboration

The Challenge

EVENTA: Event Management product developed by Bulpros, based on Cisco WebEx Social.
Modules, Portlets and Communities Custom Development (Java based).
Design – rebranding, graphical design, implementation (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
Infrastructure: Design and Build. Install and configure VMware vSphere and vCenter. Install and configure Cisco WebEx Social Server
Service Desk (German support, 1st and 2nd level).

The Solutions

  • Client location: Germany
  • Duration: Custom development and 5-year contract for Application and Operations Support
  • Development team location: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Dedicated team consists of: Senior Project Manager, Senior Consultants and Software Developers and QA, Infrastructure Consultants, Engineers and Administrators, Service Desk Agent, Development of acustom specific web-based event platform