Cloud Computing

In the modern world Cloud computing is ubiquitous. It is reaching mainstream as cloud adoption has picked up pace in recent years.

Cloud transforms IT as never before in organizations of any size. It changes processes, introduces new models and creates new opportunities. Cloud adoptions become user-driven and focused on innovation as more business areas are impacted. Cloud enables organizations to save costs, increase workforce flexibility, enhance data analytics and increase business performance. Cloud is now considered a key driver of strategic business transformations.

17%is the yearly
growth rate for public cloud services
30.1billon €
will be the cloud spending in 2018
45%of all data
will be stored in cloud by 2018
82%of companies
save money by moving to the cloud

The keys to cloud advantages are in its massive scale, automating of processes and maximizing use of shared resources. Cloud providers also employ world-class solutions for availability and disaster recovery available to customers for very low cost. Achieving the business needed availability for end users requires knowledge in the cloud platform and appropriate architecture, which considers specific factors and assumes everything can fail.

Cloud adoption requires holistic approach to employ all of its benefits.At Bulpros we have experience and knowledge to find the right combination of cloud technologies, build new cloud solutions and properly integrate your existing systems with the cloud.


  1. Cost saving Eliminate upfront infrastructure costs and pay only for consumed resources.
  2. Scalability Enable IT to provision and modify complex infrastructure faster than traditional on-premises systems and with practically unlimited resources.
  3. Agility Cloud enables organizations to respond quickly to changing business needs.
  4. Functionality Take advantage of innovation more easily as cloud reduces the need for incremental investments in supporting technology infrastructure.
  5. Availability Employ world-class solutions for high availability and disaster recovery.


Bulpros supports its customer through the entire journey to the cloud:
  • Assessing the cloud readiness and finding the right model, technology, provider
  • Architecting & implementing a private cloud
  • Migrating applications & infrastructure to cloud, utilizing different scenarios for "lift and shift", redeployment, development of new solutions
  • Cloud Identity management including Synchronization, Single Sign On and Multifactor Authentication
  • Designing & developing disaster recovery solutions using Azure Site Recovery
  • Streaming, storing & analyzing data from IoT solutions in cloud
  • Supporting & operating cloud deployments and solutions
  • Designing and implementing hybrid cloud solutions
  • Designing and implementing deployments of complex SaaS applications (e.g. Office 365 suite of products)

BULPROS Cloud Platform

Cloud Computing