Big Data and Analytics

In the recent days the volume of data we interact with every day becomes bigger and bigger. For example only Facebook and Twitter generate more than 1.5 billion posts per day.

Trends like the IoT are bringing new devices which become new sources of data we process every day. Processing of the data alone takes a lot of effort and each source could be generating it in its own format making understanding it even more complex. How do we take advantage of all this data without being overwhelmed? This is the question that becomes top of mind for everyone. This is where the Big Data and Analytics come to play.

posts per day on Facebook and Twitter
emails are sent every day
of user-generated data on Facebook
of the data in existence was created in the last 2 years

Their primary goal is to collect, analyze and provide value from all of the data we receive every day. The solutions in the Big Data and Analytics space help make decisions in areas like market research, production system monitoring and controlling, smart cities, etc. where the information required is too much to be collected, stored, managed and analyzed in the traditional ways. In the different verticals the transformations are happening with different pace but trends like Industry 4.0, Smart City, IoT, etc. require new solutions to help automate the specific processes and provide the needed value and business outcomes which bring their own challenges for scaling of the infrastructure and the solutions themselves.


  1. Faster & better decision making based on detailed market data or product feedback analysis
  2. Combining structured & unstructured data for providing complete view of a process, product or campaign
  3. Using predictive analytics for raising alarms ahead of time, planning maintenance activities or avoiding disasters
  4. Using Analysis in Motion for managing the network load, real-time result generation and timely decision making
  5. Collecting & analyzing sensor information together with other data making sense of it in the scope of the bigger picture


Bulpros supports its customers throughout the entire process of transforming its business using Big Data and Analytics:
  • Analyzing the problem and designing business processes and solution
  • Designing and implementing Big Data-ready scalable infrastructure (network, storage, computing, etc.)
  • Deploying and configuring big data platforms (Hadoop, Hortonworks HDP, Microsoft Big Data, IBM Big Data & Analytics)
  • Designing and implementing custom solutions based on industry leading platforms
  • Supporting deployed infrastructure, platforms and solutions

One of our favourite projects

Social media monitoring platform

Big Data and Analytics

The Challenge

We developed a social media monitoring platform for our client, one of the leading social media agencies in Germany. Based on unique tools and analysis methods the product is making online communication transparent, recordable and usable in line with objectives of Fortune 500 companies.

The Solutions

Technologies used:


  • HTML5
  • Angular.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Hightcharts


  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate
  • Apache Solr